What is the Betway promo code Uganda about?

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Betway has been around for more than 10 years. The company was originally founded in Russia, but currently it has set foot in more than 100 countries all over the world. Recently the bookmaker opened their Ugandan branch, and as a way to convince new customers to sign up there are some very interesting offers for that purpose.

However, before reviewing those Betway promotions, bonuses and booking codes in detail, it is useful to mention some information about the company. It has been officially licensed by many countries. Some of them include the United Kingdom, Denmark and Malta. Also, it has been certified by some international agencies such as eCOGRA, which proves the transparency of the services. This is a recognition that is very difficult to obtain.

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What promo code Betway currently exists for new players?

Currently the sportsbook is giving a 100% sign up bonus with a maximum amount of US$30. This means that the bookmaker will give all new customers a bonus equivalent to the entirety of the amount added in the first deposit. This is different to other companies that sometimes offer approximately 50% of this first addition.

As an example, if a new client decides to add US$12 in the first deposit, the welcome Betway promotion will provide another US$12. But this is not all, because existing customers can be part of the “refer a friend” program, which means that any existing customer that convinces a new customer to sign up will also be benefited with free bet opportunities.

In order to claim this sign up Betway promotion it is necessary to execute the following steps, which can be done from a computer or by using the bookmaker’s mobile website or apps:

  1. Create a new account in Betway
  2. If a referral or promotional voucher code has been obtained beforehand, enter it in the pop up window
  3. Ensure to indicate that it is wanted to get this welcome Betway voucher code by checking the respective checkbox
  4. Activate the account and validate the newcomer’s identity
  5. Add at least US$10 in the first deposit. Smaller amounts do not qualify for obtaining this welcome offer

This Betway promotion can be used anywhere in the sports betting area. It must be employed within 30 days after the creation of the account. There are some wagering requirements that can vary during time. At the moment of writing this review there were no sports excluded from this promotion, but it is mandated to spend this amount in odds of at least 1.40 or higher. Players should always be aware of the terms and conditions of these benefits in order to learn about these restrictions and other aspects. It should be mentioned that the bonus amount is added automatically to the balance once the deposit has been made. In other words, there is no need to insert a particular promo code Betway.

The promotion can be claimed only once per person (not to be confused with once per account). The sportsbook prevents people from taking advantage of it by requiring customers to show a proof of identity before being allowed to withdraw money. In any case, any client caught trying to cheat the system will be promptly banned from Betway.

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Banking options for taking advantage of a Betway voucher code

Some bookmakers can offer a wide range of forms of payment in order to deposit and withdraw money but may restrict which of them can be used for the first deposit. In the case of Betway, all methods can be used at any moment.

This means that it is perfectly possible to claim the bonus for new users by performing a deposit with wire transfers, debit cards or credit cards. Some online payment services that can be used include Neteller, EntroPay, PayPal or Paysafe Card.

Cryptocurrencies have been started to be allowed since a few months. Currently customers can employ Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum, with more of them expected to join in the future. Customers can also use them to get a particular Betway promotional code.

As always, any amount deposited and regardless of the amount will appear instantly in the cash balance, while withdrawals will be delayed for a couple of days, as several security protocols deeply scrutinize these transactions.

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But what about Betway promotions for existing members?

There are several instances that serve as funny ways to encourage existing customers to participate and remain active. For example horse racing fans han take advantage of the “lead at the last” promotional code provided by Betway Uganda. It works like this: if a player bets about a particular horse winning a race, it eventually leads in the last lap, but eventually loses, the customer will still be paid like if said selection had won.

Continuing in horse racing, its increasing popularity within the bookmaker has meant that there have been more promos and Betway promo code being recently implemented. An example of this are the double winnings. If a particular horse chosen by a player ultimately wins a race by two lengths or more, this customer will receive double winnings. The fact that more people wager in this subsection during recent months is because of the extremely nice odds offered.

The Betway free bet club is probably the most known among all Betway promotions for existing players. It is extremely simple: If players wager at least US$25 in a period of one week, they will automatically receive an extra of US$10 during the following seven day period. No deposits are needed.

For football fans there is an instance called 4 To Score. It works like this: at any given matchday of the English football where the top four divisions dispute matches, players are given the choice to guess which team of all those divisions will be the first one to score a goal. If the guess is correct, some nice prizes can be obtained. It is no mystery that this is the most popular sport in all the sportsbook, therefore, it is expected that this discipline will be the one that offers the largest amount of Betway promotional code.

In general every sport can offer a wide variety of Betway voucher code. This means that besides all what has been mentioned so far, customers can obtain golf promotions, tennis bonuses, free bets in basketball and much more.

The casino has also become increasingly attractive during recent months, with its most popular game being the hundreds of poker tables. This game comes in tens of different variations, and they allow the employment of some of the top promo codes offered by Betway in terms of popularity.

To summarize, the question of what is the Betway promo code has different answers. As could be seen along this article, there are lots of alternatives that target different types of customers. Some of them can get more enjoyment from the casino, while others like to spend time in the sports betting area, but no matter how they decide to employ the services of the bookmaker, there will always be an appropriate Betway promotional code for them.

Of course there are many similarities between the different Betway promo code and the coupons given by other bookmakers. It is ultimately up to the customer to decide which one he or she likes more. However, the numbers and facts do not lie. The promo code Betway are among the most generous and less restrictive of all the market.Claim Your Bonus